Erik L. Arneson, Ordained Minister

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Here to Help

Planning a wedding can be a time-consuming, difficult task. Just keep in mind that others have been down that road before, and one should not be afraid to turn to more experienced people for help and words of advice. Rev. Arneson is happy to help his couples with wedding-related questions and planning.

Marriage Licenses

Rev. Arneson can help you figure out what you will need to do to obtain a marriage license in Oregon or Washington. Please be aware that both states require a three-day waiting period before a marriage license is valid.

Venues and Locations

Have you found your special someone, but not your special place? Rev. Arneson may have some good ideas! Talk to him about what sort of wedding you're looking for: indoor or outdoor, religious or secular, in a dance hall or a church. He is happy to provide suggestions and to listen to yours!

Last-Minute Ceremonies

Rev. Arneson is happy to perform last-minute ceremonies as long as he is available. Please try to contact him at least 24 hours in advance, however, especially if you have a ceremony pre-written.

No Pre-Marital Counseling Required

Some ministers and officiants require pre-marital counseling, but Rev. Arneson does not. He will be happy to provide referrals if you are seeking such, however.

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Author: Erik L. Arneson

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